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Panel Discussion on Jan Nattier's Lecture in November, by Yoke Meei Choong, Jakub Zamorski and Ching Keng 2009/10/17

Panel Discussion on Jan Nattier's Lecture in November
DATE: 2009/10/17 14:00~17:00
PLACE: Conference Room, Dept. of Religion, NCCU

1. Bodhisattvas and the Pure Land: A New Look at the EarlyMahyna in India ( pdf ), discussed by Yoke Meei Choong.

2. Who Produced the Da mingdu jing 憭扳摨衣 (T225)? A Reassessment of the Evidence ( pdf ), discussed by Jakub Zamorski

3. Re-thinking the Bodhisattva Path: The Ten Stages According to the Smaller Buddhvata廜saka ( pdf ), discussed by Ching Keng

Transcript of the panel (Chinese)

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